Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition


1.1 These terms and conditions contained herein on this document regulate all relations between Maphrao Media LTD, which is registered and incorporated in UK (Company No. 12137775) whose official office address is at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, UK, which is known as Maphrao Media. You can be a partner or affiliate only after submitting an application for the position and agree to these terms and conditions.


2.1 Affiliate is an associate of Maphrao Media who endorses branded websites participating in Maphrao Media affiliate network.

Administration interface is a tool that will enable the partner to develop and edit its sites on the Dating Vertical platform, monitor the sales and visitors as well as access promotional material.

Commission is the dues paid to Maphrao Media affiliates and partners as per clause 4.

Chargebacks are amounts contested by a client, otherwise the card holder. When a debit/credit card holder contests a payment, whether legitimately or not, the bank withholds the payment and the chargeback amount from our account until the issue is settled.

Affiliate campaign is organized by the affiliate through the Maphrao Media network to advertise branded websites that are part of the Maphrao Media affiliate programs.

Delegation of the domain name server is a process that entails the use of resource records to offer pointers from the original zones to child zones in the order of namespace. The procedure facilitates the DNS servers on the original zone to send queries to the DNS server in the child zones for the names within the DNS namespace category. Every delegation communicates to at least one zone.

Confidential data means, (but not limited to) that all information and trade secrets including technical, marketing and financial information, knowledge, concepts, processes, ideas and technology as well as the details and lists of suppliers, customers, margins, discounts, margins, prices, data on research and development, present trading performance and future business strategy and other data derived from them regarding the business of the parties and information concerning the parties that are limited by obligation restricting their use.

Lead is a registration prompt that has been confirmed by email and approved by Maphrao Media moderation department.

Member is a client of Maphra Media services that has registered and joined the partner network and affiliate banners that relate with the partner account. All users, whether free or paid, are termed as members.

Moderation is the process of observing, editing or removing content that is offered by members or partners if the content fails to conform to the published terms and conditions by Maphrao Media.

Network of Maphrao Media network refers to a common part of the system that is sharable by the partner websites, including payment processing engine, database and emailing system. This is also known as Maphrao Media white label network.

Non receipts refers to the gross recipient minus the similar tax or VAT, credit card as well as other merchant charges, alongside the costs of currency conversions, uncollected items, refunds, fraud, returns and other collection expenses.

Partner is the legal entity or person that has been registered on Maphrao Media white label or affiliate network with the aim of promoting or running websites on the Maphrao Media network. For the sake of this agreement, you will be known as a partner and in occasions within this agreement.

Revenue share is the portion of the net amounts from sales between partner and Maphrao Media as per clause 4.

Promotional tools are those that have been developed by Maphrao Media that facilitate partner and affiliates with the intention of promoting their sites and campaigns.

Refunds are the deductions of payment that happen when Maphrao Media decides to compensate a member because of administration error like a recurring payment proceeding even after the member has dropped the subscription, and also due to fraudulent transactions.

Referrals are potential partners that can join the Maphrao Media platform and promote products due to direct introduction of partner or marketing activity.

Sale is the money given by a member on the Maphrao Media network, and can be in the form of:

Initial payment or upgrade is when a free member opts to subscribe and pay for the entire range of Maphrao Media partner website features.

Recurring payments are the regular amounts remitted by a member who is on paid subscription. Member subscriptions renew automatically after the period subscribed for elapses or if the member cancels their subscription on a site.

Renewal is when a member within a partner sites chooses to upgrade their subscription upon having cancelled their membership account.

Term is the period that this agreement is enforced and follows clause 12.

Website or dating website is a site that has been put up by Maphrao Media for a partner or by the partner and is hosted by Maphrao Media, which includes that member information that can be accessed on the site. It may also be created on a sub-domain on any of Invixmedia domain name or one belonging to the partner, in which instance the partner is open to delegating the domain to Maphrao Media with partners. Ownership remains intact.


3.1 When a partner completes on any of the Maphrao Media websites, Maphrao Media will send the partner details of their account and enable the website creation process while putting into consideration the partner’s needs and other agreements between the parties, both verbal and in writing.

3.2 As long as this agreement is valid, Maphrao Media will continue to host and offer administration services for the partners, as well as customer support and website services to the partners and website members. Maphrao Media will share revenues with the partner based on the net receipts of the payment made by the members or partners.



4.1. Maphrao Media will share net payments with the partner based on sales that have been made through the partner websites, emails, adverts and campaigns. The website members on the Invixmedia network might pay commission on referral. Earnings during the agreement will follow this description, as it is stated on the Maphrao Media website at https://www.datingvertical.com/revenues/commission-structure/

4.2. The commission amounts can vary from time to time as per Maphrao Media terms.

4.3. Net payments refers to the gross payments without the VAT, sales tax and any other similar tax, merchant or credit card charges, price of conversion to partner currency, fines, uncollected items, chargeback, fraud, refunds or any compensation for costs of collection. Charges can vary as per the payment method that the member selects.

4.4. Sums deductible from commission can be subtracted from later payments. If the deductions are more than commission payable, the partner should pay the deduction on demand.

4.5. Payments are to be remitted 30 days in arrears as a result of credit card security protocols. Commission periods and revenue share periods run from the 1st to the 15th of the month and from the 16th to the end of that month. If the thresholds have been met, the first payment will occur on the firs working day, 30 days upon the lapse of the sales period that the threshold was attained.

4.6. Payment is payable bimonthly, on the first working day after the 1st and 15th date of each month.

4.7. The partner is at liberty to select the currency they wish to be paid via the administration interface. Bank transfers can be remitted in USD or EUR. Cost of the bank transfer will be on the beneficiary’s account.

4.8. There is a minimum threshold for all payouts. Before a payout is issued, a predetermined amount of earnings must be made for the period in question. The minimum amount payable is, 100 USD or 100 EUR . The partner can choose to increase the minimum threshold payout on the administration platform.

4.9. Maphrao Media will avail the platform on which the partner can create dating websites for free. All the sites created via the platform are subject to these conditions:

4.9.1. The website must have a minimum of 5 sales generated through it, including the initial subscription amounts, the recurring and membership upgrades, but should exclude refunds and chargebacks, at the end of every calendar month after a grace period of 30 working days after the site’s initial creation date.

4.9.2. If no new payment or sales is made on the website after the one mentioned in clause 4.9.3., the site is subject to closing in two weeks. The partner will be allowed to move any subscribed members to another site that meets the requirements described above after the website is shut down. If there is no viable alternative, the partner will surrender any revenues that result from the site.

4.9.4. If several websites are charged with the receipt described in section 4.9.3 above, such that it results in a negative account balance of more than thirty EUR, Maphrao Media will be at liberty to declare the account dormant and will be due for closure in two calendar weeks.

4.10. If the partner does not meet the threshold for a payout, the balance will be carried over to the following payout period until when they meet the threshold. If no new sales or payments are made on the partner’s website for a period of more than three months, the account will be due for declaring dormant and the partner should surrender any revenue share that has not met the threshold.

4.11. The partner can select the currency they wish to be paid in on the administration interface. Bank transfers can be remitted in USD or EUR. The charges of bank transfers will be the beneficiary’s to bear.

4.12. The parent must avail accurate payment information to be done by Maphrao Media. Maphrao Media will not be responsible for commission collection challenges that result from errors of details availed by the partner on the wallet part of the administration area.


5.1 Maphrao Media will avail a platform via which the partner can create dating websites at no cost.

5.2. If the partner wishes to have development services offered by Maphrao Media, some minimal traffic requirements could apply. These are to be included in an addendum that forms part of this agreement and should be signed by the two parties before the development work commences.

 5.3. Maphrao Media will be liable for frequent email communication with the members, such as providing login details during registration, promotional emails and offers with the aim of encouraging member upgrades. Partner shall agree that Invixmedia has the authority to use the domain names that the partner delegates to Maphrao Media when communicating with members, but it shall not make any admission of responsibility on behalf of the partner.

5.4. At no instance should the partner advertise or offer any incentive, bonus or discount with respect to Invixmedia services or their network for getting discounted or free membership without prior approval.

5.5. Invixmedia shall provide customer support and moderation services for members who subscribe through the partner or websites on the Maphrao Media network. Maphrao Media reserves all rights at its discretion, to remove and delete any members, who it considers damaging to the network. They include but not limited to members who post illegal or inappropriate profiles, scammers, illegal profiles or content and members who mislead others or lure other members into competing sites, or posting content with the aim of financial gain, whether genuine or not.

5.6. All the customer details and data in relation to their registration with the partner dating site and other existing members of partner dating website will be owned by Maphrao Media.

5.7. As for the collection and usage of information given by the users, both the partner and Maphrao Media are to use all the means possible to conform to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) . To protect member privacy, the personal data including identity will not be availed to the partner in statements of member applications but shall be known only to Maphrao Media.

5.8. The cost of subscription for the partner’s website on the Maphrao Media platform will depend solely on the discretion of Maphrao Media as per its present pricing policies, and can be modified from one time to another to make the most of conversion and retention rates. The partner will be at liberty to select the pricing model on the administration interface as per the market, according to the options available on the site creation and editing procedures.

5.9. Maphrao Media shall be responsible for processing the member payments for renewals, refunds and cancellations. Maphrao Media can reject a payment if it does not meet its regulations and operating procedures and policies.

5.10. The partner is allowed to be a member of their website and utilize Maphrao Media services as per the general membership regulations.

5.11. The partner website will display a (Powered by datingvertical.com) link on the footer of the website.

5.12. The partner should not add services on their website that may confuse the client into thinking that the payments remitted to Maphrao Media include the partner’s services or any other third party, or that the services are offered by Maphrao Media.

5.13. Maphrao Media keeps the right to alter content on the partner’s site. If Maphrao Media receives navigation problems or other complaints, Maphrao Media updates the websites regularly and may change, or remove some features at any instance and at its discretion.


6.1. Maphrao Media withholds the right to using assigned advertising space within the Maphrao Media platform as and when they need to do so.


7.1. Maphrao Media shall not disclose partner personal data. In case the partner feels they have a genuine reason for contacting another partner, the former should contact Maphrao Media


8.1. Partner agrees that Maphrao Media is to acquire and use partner corporate or personal data as per this agreement so long as it is needed for genuine reasons.

8.2. Other parties can also get this information if they prove that their reasons for doing so are valid and that Maphrao Media is expected by the law to reveal this information, whether in or out of the European Economic region.

8.3. Partner shall be allowed to access the administration part of the Maphrao Media platform and can change the account particulars. The partner is responsible for maintaining the control and secrecy of his access credentials in that other people cannot access or change the account details.

8.4. The parties shall not disclose any information deemed confidential and shall not use any secret data directly or indirectly, by either party for their business purposes or any other reason besides only for the reason that the information is available to the general public or when required by the legal process.

8.5. During the promotion of Partner’s services to Maphrao Media, other affiliates and partners can get their contact and financial information. This data is considered confidential and the partner is not to disclose any of it to a third party.


9.1. Partner cannot copy text from their site to use it on any website that is offered by another company.

9.2. The partner shall not develop fake profiles on their website. A fake profile includes but not limited to profiles with pictures and data that does not belong to the individual that the created profile depicts. In essence, partner cannot contact members with a message to generate an upgrade.

9.3. Sending of unverified news, website and email address is considered as SPAM and is not allowed within Maphrao Media network. The use of SPAM to advertise partner links on the site or increase traffic to a website are enough grounds for instant termination without prior notice and the partner should give up any rights to unpaid commission.

9.4. The domain name, website name and content should remain within context and should never be regarded as offensive. The partner shall use words and titles that are not inflammatory, demeaning or offensive. Offending websites shall be deleted without prior notice.

9.5. Partner shall not use personal details on the website pages without receiving consent from Maphrao Media.

9.6. The inclusion of references to illegal or immoral activities is against the policies and is considered forbidden by the partner sites. Maphrao Media keeps the full rights of disclosing information of such content to the authorities.

9.7. All site templates, graphics and promotional data that are offered by Maphrao Media shall be the intellectual property of Invixmedia, such that they are not to be used externally or internally on any document without prior permission from Maphrao Media.

9.8. Partner agrees to manage and fund related marketing activities to advertise your website or any other on the Maphrao Media network.


10.1. Partner is in agreement with the clause that any material commissioned by the partner for the sake of being used on the website shall belong to Maphrao Media and is to be licensed to Maphrao Media during the term of this agreement.

10.2. All the promotional materials, templates and graphics are offered to partner by Maphrao Media shall be considered the sole intellectual property of Maphrao Media and must not be used on any document without a written document by Maphrao Media to permit it. If the partner provides material and content for the side, partner shall ensure that the material is not copied from other publications or websites. Partner accepts to offer proof of licensing or permission to use the material when Maphrao Media requests to see it.

10.3. Partner websites including the domain and sub domain name should meet the trademark requirements. Sites that go against this will be deleted from the platform without prior notice.


11.1. All the leads and sales statistics are available for affiliate campaigns. Statistics for the affiliate program are to be updated normally instant.

11.2. Here is an entire list of countries from which the traffic is accepted for the Maphrao Media affiliate program:

Belgium, Austria , Germany, Denmark, Greece, France, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United kingdom More country are added rapidly


12.1. This agreement becomes effective the moment the partner application to Maphrao Media platform is approved. This agreement can be terminated by either party with at least 1 month written notice.

12.2. Maphrao Media keeps the right of termination instantly if:

Partner breaches these terms and conditions and does not correct the situation within 10 days of receiving the notice by Maphrao Media

If Maphrao Media realizes that the partner or any of the directors has been convicted from a criminal offense besides traffic offenses

If the partner fails to pay debts when they fall due or becomes subject to any of these insolvency procedures:

 If partner abuses the system

If the partner damages the reputation of Maphrao Media deliberately

If the partner violates the card scheme rules

If the partner breaches the security of the network and gets unauthorized access to the system of Maphrao Media

If the partner goes against section 8 of this agreement

12.3. If the partner or Maphrao Media terminates this agreement, Maphrao Media reserves the authority to holdback all outstanding payments for up to a year. If the chargeback amount is more than what Maphrao Media is holding, Maphrao Media is at right to ask for the amount from the partner using the necessary steps.

12.4 Maphrao Media may also instill a termination charge if any development tasks that are provided are not paid by the partner or the agreed targets were not attained. Failing to cover this termination charge may lead to lead action.


13.1 Maphrao Media reserves the authority of changing any of these terms and conditions in this agreement at any moment and in its discretion. If the partner fails to agree with any of the changes, the partner is at liberty to terminate the agreement immediately. If the partner continues participating on the platform, he is deemed to be in agreement with all the changes.

13.2. If the partner uses his domain name and the domain name is redirected from the Maphrao Media system, Maphrao Media reserves the right to keep all extra payments for up to a year. This is for covering all the chargeback amounts that Maphrao Media receives because of service interruption, such as when a domain moves from its system. The partner loses all rights to the renewal subscriptions. If the chargeback amount is more than what Maphrao Media is holding, Maphrao Media can seek compensation for the partner through any chosen action steps.

13.3. Maphrao Media reserves full rights to remove profiles from the sites where the domain name does not point to the Maphrao Media platform over to a different site on the system that is party to the same network to alert the members of this change.


14.1 Maphrao Media does not give any assurance or guarantee with regards to the profits or the revenue that the partner will receive because of promoting the services. It will utilize all reasonable means to offer the services in a professional manner. Maphrao Media does not take up responsibility for loss of revenue resulting from the partner’s failure to provide the services.

14.2. This agreement is to be controlled and developed as per the material laws in the UK. All the controversies, disputes and differences resulting from it or relating with the agreement or breaches that cannot be settled by the parties are to be resolved to the exclusion or regular courts by the Arbitrary Tribunal as per the International Arbitration rules of the UK chamber of Commerce. The sitting of the tribunal is to be in London. The language to be used is English.

14.3. Maphrao Media and partner are independent parties and nothing within this agreement will create any kind of joint venture, sales representative, franchise, employment relationship or partnership between the parties. The partner is responsible for taxes resulting from the revenues paid out by Maphrao Media. The partner is not authorized to accept or offer any representations or on behalf of Maphrao Media.

14.4. Partner should defend, indemnify or hold Maphrao Media and its directors, employees, or other partner harmless against claims, demands, debts, liability, or cause of action including legal fees to the extent that:

14.4.1. It is based on the breach of obligations, warranties or representations by the partner.

14.4.2. It arises from the willful misconduct or negligence by partner.

14.4.3. It depends on the violation of applicable regulation or law by the partner with regards to offering services or products.

14.4.4. It arises from the infringement of copyright or trademarks by the partner

14.5. Partner is to contact Maphrao Media using the contact details provided on the partner administration interface or using the contact information below.

 Maphrao Media LTD

71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden

London, WC2H 9JQ


Email: admin@maphrao.media